Patented range of blasting systems designed to meet all your blasting needs.

  • Surface
  • Multi-layer,
  • Dimensional
  • Shadow

The systems will operate from 4 psi for shadow to 60 psi for glass carving. PAB Systems will surface blast on small items such as wedding glasses or on larger projects such as storefront windows. All of the systems are portable and can be hand-carried to do on-site blasting.

Whether it is a small or large project, the PAB pressure pot makes it fast and easy to do jobs without the ordinary problems you get with most other systems…. you can do most of your jobs between 10-35 psi, airbrush at 4psi and carve at 40 to 60 psi. The lower pressure saves on tip replacement and is easy on stencils so they can be used over and over.

All of our systems offer the following range of features:

  • Air regulator with a moisture trapModelE
  • 0-100 psi gauge for precise control
  • Air release valve
  • Pistol grip PAB Blasting Gun
  • Variable on/off finger trigger operation
  • Air to abrasive ratio mixing valve
  • Easy exchange tips
  • Tanks pressure tested to 175 psi
  • Inside of tank is coated to resist corrosion

Dimensional Blasting is the art of carving designs into the glass at various depths using stencil, photo resist, liquid resist, etc. With the control the PAB System gives the artist, the carving technique can also be done free hand. This technique is close to wood carving except it is done on glass with a blasting gun.

Airbrushing, considered a delicate skill, was previously used only by seasoned artisans. With the PAB SYSTEMS, anyone can know the excitement of creating fine art work, easily airbrush-blasting lips, eyes, and facial shadings using only 4 psi air.

All of our PAB Blasting Models are ready to use, just fill with the abrasive of your choice, connect to air supply and enjoy. Think of the doors a PAB Pressure System could open to make your business more successful.